Wednesday, 7 November 2012


DISCLAIMER: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF! The moderators of this Blog strongly warn everyone NOT to attempt to enter Demon Hotel. Not only would there be physical danger from exposed nails, jagged glass and other damage, but there is also the grave potential of paranormal threats ranging from ghostly hauntings, demonic possession and spirit induced insanity. STAY AWAY FROM DEMON HOTEL!

Recently this Blog received the account of an anonymous Urban Explorer, who dared to enter the unholy walls of the abandoned, and almost certainly haunted, apartment building on Hargrave Street, known to Downtowners as "Demon Hotel." SEE PART ONE

In part one, we learned of this reckless but courageous adventurer's ascent to the top floor. During the journey, he became aware of a malevolent atmosphere permeating the dark ruins of the supposedly cursed building. Upon reaching the top floor, he heard a mysterious sound coming from far below, and he decided to make his way downward to investigate. Bypassing the main staircase, he instead used the back stairwell.  It was an ominous, claustrophobic descent.

As he progressed lower, he discovered bizarre graffiti; possibly made by squatters dwelling in the ruins of the building. This might perhaps prove the unverified stories told of homeless street people who unfortunately sought refuge in the dark corridors of Demon Hotel, and who became ensnared in the supernatural aura of the place, maybe even possessed.

He finally reached the last set of stairs leading to the basement. Suddenly he noticed that the air had again become cold and stagnant, and then his flashlight began to flicker.

Going through the building, the Explorer couldn't help but think of frightening things. These evil thoughts consumed the mind of the hapless adventurer as the light began to flicker again. Finally, he stepped out into the dark, grim basement.

Each part of the basement revealed itself to be a different extension of terror and of its dread-filled history as he progressed down the cramped passageways. Stains unmentionable and ugly were permanently etched into the folds of each worn brick corner and deserted boiler. Disturbing objects were scattered among the debris. He later described that the terror he felt was like a thick, dense wave that washes over your soul.

As he continued his way around the dusty corners, the overwhelming feeling of dread became almost unbearable. Finally, he could take no more; he decided not to risk delving further into the unseen horrors ahead, and turned to backtrack out. Unfortuneatly, he found that he had difficulty retracing his steps. His flashlight flickered as he realized that somehow he had become lost in the mazelike corridors of the cellar.

As the Explorer attempted to escape the terrors of Demon Hotel, the light finally gave out. The Darkness began to crush him. Where was the entrance he had crawled through? He searched for a glimmer of light in the cold.

An aura of evil filled the air. All of a sudden, a force both powerful and grotesque, slammed into the trespasser and threw him against the stone wall.

He picked himself up, noticing a blade of light around the corner. The exit was right above him. He managed to crawl quickly up and out of Demon Hotel and ran. Ran through the alleys towards Broadway, never to go near the creeping death of demonic reservoir again. The Explorer warns all interlopers to stay away. Stay Away from the certain hub of hell that goes by the name of...Demon Hotel!

EPILOGUE: after receiving this disturbing narrative from the unnamed Urban Adventurer, the Moderators of this Blog tried to contact him again, to determine what lasting effects might have come from his exposure to the concentrated paranormal energies centred around Demon Hotel. We were alarmed to discover that we could not contact or locate him, and all former traces were closed. Has Demon Hotel taken another victim? It is a mystery we are unable to solve at this time. Only one thing is certain, stay away from the ominous-looking abandoned building on Hargrave Street known, for very good reasons, as Demon Hotel.


  1. Apparently I seen an apparition of a women in a light grey mist heading from carlton towards Broadway on assinibione up until the Osborne bridge the dissipated into thin air whoever encounters that place is followed because itl was moving in the direction of Broadway where the encountered people run too

  2. Also the picture of the window on the right side in the second floor u see a women standing peering out of the window if u some into the dark area of the cellar from the distance u see a figure on the left who was hanged and on the right u see the face of a demon it has lots of orbs but cannot be seen in the normal size of the photo only the 2 pictures above that's how u know it's not of the refraction of the light from the camera it was taken and the figure from the window is identical to the women from the alley asking for her cat coincidence I think not although I wish to study more of this place.... U can reach me at Jay M Cee if u want to investigate this more elaborately

  3. I had lived in that neighbourhood and was in that building a few times. I felt no more unease than any other apartment of the same age and same type. It is a cool story and the pictures can send a shiver up ones spine but if true, I think one's imagination caught up with them. Go with a group and while there can be ectoplasm and other sides of phenomena, it would be no different than any area that has had significant inter-generational history. Perhaps research the history of this block in what once was a stylish part of Winnipeg and see if anything occurred.
    Sadly it is an historic building in need of renovation.