Thursday, 15 November 2012


Recently this Blog presented the story of a brave but misguided Urban Adventurer who dared to enter the gloomy and almost certainly demon possessed corridors of the abandoned apartment building on Hargrave Street in Winnipeg, and of the terrible consequences of his actions: INSIDE DEMON HOTEL!Wednesday, 31 October 2012. We warned the public to stay away from this cursed location that seems to be a nexus of supernatural evil. Unfortunately, foolhardy people are still falling victim to the paranormal threats contained within Demon Hotel. One such recent account has reached us from an anonymous source, which is eerily similar to a true account documented in an earlier blog post: INCIDENT AT DEMON HOTEL (Sunday, 30 September 2012).  We present this first person account in the hope that it will help to dissuade the curious from falling prey to the unearthly forces of Demon Hotel.

I would like to share with you a recent experience I have had at Demon Hotel that, quite frankly, left me terrified. There are rumours around the area that the abandoned apartment on Hargrave is haunted, but I would have never believed it until I came across the evil that is present there myself.

                It was the first snowfall in Winnipeg, early November. I was coming back from a friends’ apartment after a night of photographing the beautiful snowfall around the Legislative grounds and I decided to cut through the back alley in between Hargrave and Carlton. As I approached what has become known as “Demon Hotel”, I saw a woman standing behind the building calling out to something or someone. It was odd because it was fairly cold and this woman was wearing a white nightgown and no shoes. I was immediately concerned by her lack of sensible clothing and asked if she was alright. She looked towards me and gave an awkward smile. The nightgown she wore appeared old but clean. The moisture from the snow had dampened the cloth and it was apparent she was not wearing a brassiere or underwear of any kind. Now, being a red-blooded man, this definitely caught my attention and she no doubt noticed this. She then stated,

 “My cat. My cat went inside there. Can you help me get her out?”

There was a plywood sheet blocking a street level window but it was slightly pushed aside, revealing an entrance into the “hotel”. I am not ashamed to admit that I felt that being chivalrous would be beneficial. I mean....this woman was attractive. I am single after all. I looked into the opening and since I had a flashlight (for my photography reason) I decided I could assist. The woman stood aside as I went into the building and dropped into the basement. Not to come across as some New Age knob, but I can tell you I felt a chill and some sort of presence in that basement. I hesitated for a moment and thought of just leaving and doing away with the notion of helping this woman and her cat but she said,

“I’ll wait here. Please. My cat will freeze in there. It ran upstairs.”
Artist's reconstruction based on eyewitness testimony.
I put my seemingly childish fears aside and ventured deeper into the basement. I had my camera with me at the time and managed to take a few pictures. The interior was derelict to say the least. Ripped open walls and junk littered about everywhere. As I made my way towards the stairs that led to the main floor I felt the creeping fear overtaking me. It is then that I heard what seemed to be a cat. It was not a pleasant meow or scuttle of little paws, but a deep moaning growl. The kind of guttural sound a cat makes when it is about to fight.  I felt terror overtaking me and just as I was about to run towards the window I crawled in from, the woman stood in the make shift entrance and said,

“ Yes. That’s it. My cat is upstairs. Please go get it. “
Artist's reconstruction based on eyewitness testimony.
I was frozen in my tracks. The basement was behind me and the stairs leading to the main floor in front of me. The growling cat sound was gone and a moment of silence followed. Then I heard what sounded like the scraping of a rake or some tool on the floor above me. That was it. I was out of there. My trusty flashlight showed another boarded window to my left and I ran to it and kicked it open. I crawled out of the building and briskly began escaping from the tangible evil I felt in the old apartment. As I was leaving the woman came from around the back and began yelling at me to,

“Save my Cat! It needs help! Why are you deserting it?!”

Her voice was different now. Gone was the pleasant, saddened woman searching for help finding her cat. In its place was a deepened, masculine voice that demanded me to do what it said. The fear came back to me as I ran down Hargrave towards Broadway. Thankfully, the sensations I felt dissipated as I created more distance between myself and Demon Hotel. My advice to anyone walking through the area...Do not go past Demon Hotel and don’t be lured into this demonic place by the sexy woman in the nightgown. There is only evil in there.
Artist's reconstruction based on eyewitness testimony.
EPILOGUE: After escaping from this close call, the unfortunate subject of this account tried to retrieve the photos he had taken, only to discover that they had somehow disappeared from his camera. All traces of this bizarre incident were gone, just like the mysterious woman. As was mentioned in the previous account of a young man encountering an attractive woman urging him to enter Demon Hotel to save her cat, there is a theory that demons can take on a shape that can entrance their victims, and lure them to their doom. Could this be the case with the alluring Cat Lady of Demon Hotel? All the more reason for people to stay clear of the vacant apartment on Hargrave Street known as Demon Hotel.


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  2. Jude 1:6
    Luke 11:24-26
    Matthew 12:45
    1 Timothy 4:1
    Demon always gather near abandon area.