Tuesday, 14 April 2015


There has been a lot of news and activity surrounding the destruction of Winnipeg's notorious "Demon Hotel".

A large red dump truck begins hauling away the ruins of the former 44 Hargrave Street. I only hope it's not helping to disperse supernatural remnants throughout the city.

For good news reporting please see The Winnipeg Sun's coverage of the fire,
and the follow up A look inside the since-destroyed "Demon Hotel"

The Moderator of this Blog has been contacted by the on-line supernatural investigation site Study Paranormal. We were interviewed by UK Horror and paranormal novelist Fiona Dodwell. You will find information about the Demon Hotel and this Blog, with some never before told stories.


Horror and Paranormal : Articles, Interviews and Reviews

Of course it finally had to happen: someone is advertising Demon Hotel T-Shirts. They feature an alarming interpretation of the "Demon Cat Lady".

Recently a local denizen uploaded a video of his visit to the ruins.

Due to the fiery demise of the allegedly haunted building, the understandably delayed post "Return to the Terror of Demon Hotel" will be released in the near future. Stay tuned for the story of a brave Urban Explorer's final expedition into the possibly cursed bowels of the crumbling structure, and see startling photographs taken not long before the destruction.

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