Tuesday, 7 April 2015



Message from Moderator: the scheduled post "Return to the Terror of Demon Hotel" has been postponed to bring you news of an astounding event.

On April 6 2015 the abandoned apartment building at 44 Hargrave Street burned down in a Hellish blaze. Flames shot 20 feet into the air, black smoke covered that part of the downtown area, and mysterious internet blackouts occurred. While such a fire is not an unusual occurrence in Winnipeg, there is one difference in this case: the building in question is that allegedly haunted building known to downtown denizens as "Demon Hotel". Because of the many rumours of supernatural phenomena that has happened there, speculation has grown, theorizing that the abandoned structure has been a gathering point for unearthly, perhaps evil paranormal beings (those unfamiliar with the urban legend may wish to look at the overview HERE).

Crowds gathered to watch the inferno. Fire Fighters soon had the blaze under control. 

The black clouds of smoke then turned white, as if to signify that the darkness contained in the haunted building was finally being lifted. I'd like to think so.

For about two and a half years this blog has been trying to warn people about the possible supernatural dangers surrounding Demon Hotel. We have constantly told the public to stay away from the cursed structure. Could some careless vandal have started the fire maliciously? Could downtown squatters have accidentally caused the blaze by smoking discarded butts? Or perhaps something more disturbing occurred. Could the tormented souls or the demonic forces contained in the haunted building have started the fire in some way? Or perhaps some misguided individual attempted to fight against the supernatural entities and exorcise the evil from the ruins, only to bring about the flaming destruction. Whether the fiery inferno purified the cursed structure, releasing the trapped souls of the damned, or whether the flames have locked the spirits into the location forever, who can say? 



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  2. "The black clouds of smoke then turned white, as if to signify that the darkness contained in the haunted building was finally being lifted. I'd like to think so."

    Lmaooooo stoooop

  3. The stories have some sort of truth to them! I live in the area of Demon Hotel and saw some strange shit just before the fire. I was not aware of this blog until I looked into the fire after the media jumped on it.

    I live at 50 Carlton, 1 street over from DH. On Monday, I was leaving to run to a local convenience store to grab some goods. I always cut through the Dalnavert yard and as I came through to the back alley, I heard some kids yelling. Couldn't really make out what they were screaming about and all I saw of roughly 3 or four kids was blurs running away from the back of Demon Hotel. As always with me, curiosity got the best of me as I wandered towards the back of said “Hotel” to see what could have been going down. As I made my way closer I saw a woman standing on the small stoop of the rear of the DH. She was just like they have described on this site!!! No shit! A woman in a grubby nightgown. Sexy…I guess…in a goth kinda way…but more startling was the black cat that crept from behind her. She slowly turned her head towards me with a dagger filled glare. I literally almost crapped my pants. I immediately turned back and went right home…a feeling of dread streaming through me.

    Not even 10 minutes later, I heard sirens. When I ventured out again there were people everywhere and HUGE flames shooting out of Demon Hotel.

    Now…normally, I am a skeptic. Don’t really believe in any strange paranormal stuff…but this…this was something I can’t explain. Does anyone know if there were squatters in there? A woman and a cat? Good thing that hell hole is gone though…I have since heard many strange things about the place.

    1. U are brave and lucky to have gotten away. But continue to be careful on your trips to store. Though the Demon Hotel has burned, the evil might yet persist??

  4. The black smoke turned white because of all the water the fire department used to put out the fire, it was in fact the steam created by the heated water.
    All major fires put out by the fire department have the smoke go from black to white, it is how you know from a distance that it is almost out

  5. One Friday night I was hanging with some buddies and I got a call from another friend of mine, she was at a party and was feeling lonely and asked us to come join her. Well, we did and soon, we were all partying and having a good time in this building. The apartment we were in was furnished and people were living in the place. At about midnight, I decided that it was time to go home. By that time, the only one of my friends that were still there was the one who called me and she said that she was going to stay. So I left and went home. When I was woken up the next morning by my phone, it was my friend, telling me to come get her. I thought something terrible had happened to her, so I drove down to get her. She was fine, a little freaked out. I asked her what was wrong and she asked me if there was anyone living in the place we partied at last night, of course I said yes. She tells me to follow her, we go upstairs to the same apartment, she opens the door and the entire apartment was empty. There was nothing. Just carpet and dirt.
    She told me that the last thing she remembers is an old man telling her to sleep on the bed in the room, as that is the safest and quietest place to sleep. And that no one would bother her.
    It was super creepy.


  7. hey guys i used to live there on the second floor at the back of the hallway on the left and nothing happened there at all it was not a demon hotel it was just a beautiful building falling apart... i'm sorry for ruining your guys's dream or what ever but that place was a very nice house kinda small but still beautiful nothing actually happened once. apart from one thing...

  8. I use to be the caretaker in there for 3years

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